Who was Sher Khan?

Sher Khan lived during the early 19th century (circa 1813) in the northern region of what is modern day Sylhet, Bangladesh.

A well-known individual who was consulted by many community leaders on issues mainly relating to disputes and arbitration. He was well regarded for being fair and just due to his philanthropic and charitable activities within the Bishwanath area.

Sher Khan’s key principle of looking after the poor spurred him on to establish various philanthropic and charitable projects. These included building places of worship, the construction of houses & villages for local farm workers, and the local train station which was named after his village, Khajanchi Gow. (The train station was originally built next to his village and the Khajanchi Railway Bridge, but later moved to its present location, although the name was kept). 

Later on in his life he donated land to the establishment of a communal area for villagers to gather and socialise.

His philanthropic legacy continued through his descendants with various charitable causes ranging from the construction of social housing, the installation of fresh water wells, the establishment of a primary and secondary school, the sponsoring of orphans, and the support of food banks/homeless shelters.

This work lives on to this day through the Sher Khan Foundation and its three main pillars of Shelter, Health, and Education.

The Foundation

Mission statement

The love of Humanity.


Our vision

A world where everyone has shelter, health, and an education.


Our principles

1. Demonstrate the love of Humanity

2. Advocate hope, dignity and knowledge

3. Particular focus on the UK & Bangladesh

4. Promote transparency

We at the Sher Khan Foundation continue the work that has been ongoing for over a hundred years guided by the vision and principles as listed above.

Our Projects


Alleviating the barriers to having somewhere safe to sleep.


He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything.


Academic or vocational, every person should have access to learning.

The Sher Khan Foundation focusses on three main pillars; Shelter, Health, and Education.
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