‘Kindness is a mark of character’

– Shafique Uddin Khan

We at the Sher Khan Foundation love what we do. Our guiding principles help us deliver life changing support to communities and individuals who need it most.

We are firm believers in conducting what we do with respect and humanity, and therefore will never disclose the faces of the people we help in any of our publications. We also believe in conducting ourselves in a non proselytise manner, after all we are just one big family.

Below is a list of projects the Foundation is busy delivering within Bangladesh, focusing on the three pillars that we stand by, Shelter, Health, and Education.

UK Food Bank

Many households within the UK find themselves in the unfortunate circumstance of needing to utilise the facility of a local foodbank.

We at the Foundation believe that everyone should have access to food, and arrange the procurement and distribution of staple food items to those in need.

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Continuing on from Sher Khan’s philanthropic & charitable legacy, the Foundation progresses this work to the present day, building shelter for individuals and communities. We love seeing the smiles on the faces of those we help!

The cost to build each home is typically £3,800 and consists of two multipurpose rooms, along with a kitchen, and a separate bathroom/toilet.

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Food Parcels – (Zakat Eligible*)

We at the Foundation believe that everyone should have access to food. The Sher Khan Foundation distributes food packs to those in need at a cost of £25 per pack, with each pack feeding a small family.

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Deep Water Wells 

At a cost of £1,428 motorised water wells are installed to provide fresh clean water for communities who need it most. 

To benefit villages and communities communities throughout the year, the Foundation has chosen to install deep motorised water wells, as deploying shallow hand pumps typically leads to a shortage of water in the dry season when the water table is low.


School Fees – Children

We at the Foundation are firm believers that education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

After building homes and providing health checks to inhabitants, the Foundation aims to focus on educating the next generation by paying the school fees of every child.

The annual cost of school fees including stationary and books is £62.


Orphanage Project

The vision for the Madina Welfare Project has been in the making for over 20 years, with the co-founders themselves being orphaned at an early age, the project was set up from the loving intention of caring for the poor. Including projects relating to providing free education to children, providing safety and security towards orphans and to support the less fortunate who find themselves in an unfortunate life circumstance.

The Madina Complex currently comprises of an orphanage, a primary school, and a secondary school.

*A tax comprising percentages of personal income of every kind, levied as almsgiving for the relief of the poor: the third Pillar of Islam (Source).

**Please contact us if you require any further information regarding any of our projects, thank you.