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Sher Khan Foundation Honoured

with Prestigious Awards

The Sher Khan Foundation is proud to announce that it has been awarded the ”Bangladesh Humanitarian & Shelter Charity of the Year 2024′ and the ‘Excellence Award in Residence & Pastoral Care 2024′ by Acquisition International.

These esteemed accolades recognise the Foundation’s unwavering commitment to delivering essential support to communities and individuals in need. Our 100% donation policy and guiding principles of respect, humanity, non-proselytising, and raising quality standards have been the cornerstone of our work. We are honoured to see our efforts in Shelter, Health, and Education acknowledged at such a high level.

The Bangladesh Humanitarian & Shelter Charity of the Year 2024 award celebrates our dedication to providing safe and secure…


Alleviating the barriers to having somewhere safe to sleep.


He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything.


Academic or vocational, every person should have access to learning.

Our Latest Campaigns

Motorised Deep Water Well

A village in Bangladesh requires a deep water well to serve more than 15 homes. The existing fresh water supply, facilitated by a manual hand pump, has dried up due to a decline in the water table. The Foundation is looking to install a motorised deep water well in excess of 600ft similar to the one in the associated video to… 


There are a total of ten shack type dwellings within a particular village that are in dire need of rebuilding. As you can see from the video, the Foundation has replaced two of the homes with the aim to replace them all. Nearly all of the dwellings have makeshift walls constructed out of straw, of which all have damaged roofs offering little or no protection from the weather…

We enjoy spreading the love of humanity! We believe in a world where everyone has shelter, health, and access to an education.

Our vision

A world where everyone has shelter, food, and an education.

Our principles

Demonstrate the love of Humanity. Advocate hope, dignity and knowledge. Particular focus on the UK & Bangladesh. Promote transparency