Complaints procedure

The Sher Khan Foundation strives to be fully accountable to all our donors, volunteers and
beneficiaries in carrying out the work that we do. Therefore, it is crucial for us to hear if you
feel that you have a complaint or a concern, so that we can take appropriate action, and
examine how we can grow and improve.


How to raise a complaint with us

Please email with the subject “Formal complaint”. Please include
details of:

  • What went wrong
  • When and where it happened
  • Who was involved
  • What outcome you are hoping for
  • Your name, address and contact details (telephone and/or email)


How we will respond

Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we warrant that we will investigate all complaints
thoroughly and discreetly. We will aim to contact you within 10 working days acknowledging
your complaint and to deal with all concerns raised as quickly as possible.

Sometimes we may need to investigate your complaint or concern in more detail to ensure
we take the right action. Depending on how complex the complaint or concern is, we may
need some more time to investigate it. If that is the case, we will contact you to keep you
updated. When the investigation is completed, we will contact you again to provide our
response, including what we plan to do about it.


How we use feedback and comments to learn and improve

We are committed to continuous improvement in the way we work. We use all feedback
anonymously within our organisation, to help us learn and improve our services. If you have
fed back a positive experience to us, we will make sure the right team or individual receives
this feedback.