The Food Parcel Project


We at the Foundation believe that everyone should have access to food. Every year, the Sher Khan Foundation arranges the procurement and packaging of staple foods into transportable sized food packs for distribution to those in need.  At a cost of £25 per pack, each pack is intended to feed a small family and contains a minimum of:

•20kg of Rice, •2 Litres of Oil, •5kg of Onions, •5kg of Potatoes, •1kg of Garlic, •1kg of Ginger, •1kg of Chickpeas, •1kg of Salt, •500g of Dates, •1kg of Lentils. 

Food items are typically locally sourced next to the villages where food packs are to be distributed in order to promote and stimulate the local economy. In addition to food items being purchased at cost price from central wholesalers, all of whom have been providing staple food items to the Foundation for many years. 

Please see below photos of previous food distribution events held by the Foundation.  

Previous Food Distribution Events